3 Ways to Baby- Proof Your Home

Active toddler boy is unsafe in staircase.

As parents, it is our responsibility to see that our house is baby-proof in order to avoid any mishap. In the U.S, unintentional injury to children is the major reason for their death. You can’t always have an eye on them, but you can always make the surrounding safe and secure. Read on to know the three ways to ensure that your house is baby-proof.

  • Keep Chargers And Cables Away

It is not at all surprising that we use a lot of gadgets every day, be it from chargers to cables, they are spread all over the house. Eliminating them completely is not possible; therefore, you should try keeping them out of reach from your babies. Store them in a higher place as their hands would not reach on top.

  • Keep The Kitchen Safe

Kitchen tools include sharp objects like knives, scissors etc. which can be really dangerous for your babies. Store them in drawers or lockers so they don’t have any access to it. You should consider removing the knobs of the stove after their use so that they don’t turn it on by accident. Try replacing tablecloth with placemats. Ensure that the refrigerator, microwave doors are secured with a safety latch as well.

  • Keep Breakable Items Out Of Reach

Antique heavy glass or art pieces, should be kept away from your babies reach as they have more chances of getting broken. Large furniture pieces should be fixed on the wall to prevent it from moving. Also, ensure that the rugs and carpets are non-slippery. All the types of electronic gadgets like hair dryer, irons etc. are also risky.

You should take your responsibilities seriously as it can cost you a life. Please make sure to baby proof everything. This will actually bring you peace and you can live tension-free. However, your work isn’t only to take care of your home, try to keep an eye on your baby as well.


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