How To Shave Your Balls

5 great tips to shave your balls safetly

The other day I was presented with a very curious question: If many women shave their vagina, should men shave their testicles in solidarity?Does shaving them make you a better feminist? It was a pleasant question. I thought of my partner’s testicles (sorry). If he can’t bear to get waxed, I thought, maybe I should give him other options. Then I remembered that I had the laser done. Hell, I thought. You will have to have laser hair removal on your testicles to be on my level. But don’t worry, friend who is reading us, you don’t have to do that. However, here are two sexy reasons why you should consider shaving those little friends. (Don’t worry, hair will still grow).

Hygiene, comfort and aesthetics are some of the advantages of genital hair removal. In recent times, it is not only exclusive to women as it is becoming an increasingly frequent trend among men. For this reason we give you these tips to shave genitals in men .

A survey carried out by The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that 40% of men shave because they are unhappy with their
hair, doing so feels comfortable; 20% do it to surprise their partner and another 20% only when they are intimate.

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1. The first thing is to start by trimming the hair as much as possible. It can be done with scissors or, much better,
with an electric machine suitable for shaping sideburns and beards. When it’s as short as possible, get in the shower.

2. Before shaving, apply a gentle exfoliator except on the scrotum and penis area to avoid irritation. Rinse and apply a
mild oil to make shaving easier. Apply the cream all over the area.

3. Apply a light layer of shaving cream. Gently with your free hand, stretch the scrotal skin with your index finger and
thumb to make it smoother.

4. You must stretch the skin as you do on the face, carefully up and then down.

5. To shave you can do it directly in the shower. With hot water, apply the shaving cream to the pubic area. Shave in the
direction of hair growth to minimize festering hairs, and rinse the blade between strokes.

Follow these tips to shave genitals in men and feel more confident about yourself.

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