Purple Plush Pillow Review

Your rest wellbeing is subject to numerous elements, some of which you can handle, others you may not. Your rest solace and body arrangement is something you can control, and if uneasiness is something that keeps you wakeful, you should initially think about your bedding decisions. As opposed to going large like a bedding substitution, you may need to initially consider the kind of pad you use.

Your pad is a significant item that impacts your body arrangement alongside your bedding decision. It can even be contended it is similarly as significant as your sleeping pad, and your head, neck, and chest area position impacts your spinal arrangement and sensory system that impacts your whole body wellbeing. The Purple Plush cushion was gained and explored by the Sleep Judge Team to give our fair choices beneath.

The Purple Plush Pillow Story

The Purple Company put themselves on the map with its extraordinary hyper-versatile polymer sleeping pad material that made a totally new way to deal with bedding solace. Their idiosyncratic promoting caused to notice their item and they have been delivering bedding each since. As the organization has developed, so has what they need to bring to the table. Sheets, pet beds, seat pad, and obviously, cushions, have all advanced into their contributions.

Their first pillow, the Original Purple plush Pillow, copied the plan of their bedding for an entirely different rest insight, yet not every person was as OK with the polymer plan as a cushion as they were with the bed. Look at our audit of the Original plan. where we discovered it to be a fun, and in general agreeable rest insight.

Needing to grow and tuning in to their clients, (which is consistently a characteristic of an amazing organization) Purple came out with an elective decision: The Purple Plush Pillow, which I will audit beneath. This pad adopts a more customary strategy to plan, with a fun, flexible bend to address the issues of a bigger pool of clients.

Breakdown of the Purple Plush Pillow

To put it plainly, the Purple Plush is only that: extravagant. It has a customary shape and concentrated fiber poly filling, and has a keenly concealed approach to change the immovability level for a more extensive assortment of rest positions. It is intended to inhale well and gives a cuddly cushioned feel, in addition to it is machine launderable.


  • Keeps its shape well
  • Doesn’t smooth
  • Very cooling


  • Not an enormous distinction in feel from hurdled to unzipper
  • May not be the awesome heavier bodies
  • Unloading

Purple works really hard in their bundling, and two genuinely plain cardboard boxes appeared close to home before long after the request went out (think around seven days). The solitary thing that recognized the case as the pads was a line of purple tape that was printed with the Purple logo to keep the cases secure. After opening, the cushions (one for each container) were enclosed by plastic, collapsed and fixed with a Purple sticker-and afterward covered with Purple tissue paper.

The cushions were not in the slightest degree vacuum fixed, implying that they were put away and transported as they were made to try not to any squash wear on the materials. There was a slight offgassing smell, yet it dispersed staggeringly rapidly. Within the container was very fun also and exhibited the fundamental selling purposes of the cushion on a smooth purple foundation.

Initial introductions

Truly, I’m a sucker for fleecy delicate pads and I love concealed innovative advances so I have a great time looking at this pad. The cover is smooth and delicate, the filling is extremely responsive and doesn’t appear to bundle up, and the zipper changes are a genuinely fascinating touch. I additionally cherished that this is machine launderable pad since I have children who like to assume control over my bed.

Highlights and Benefits

Each item has a progression of highlights and advantages that potential clients should survey to choose if it is ideal for them. We’ve point by point these cases and our responses to them underneath to give you all you require.


There is just one cushion size: 18 x 26 inches which contrast well with the standard estimations of a normal sovereign size at 20 x 26 inches. The pad fits well in my pillowcases without being tight or excessively little. At space it was roughly 7.5 inches tall, which means it was all around lightened. It doesn’t pack significantly more than this-might be just to about 5.5 inches by and large when zipped ‘firm’. I discovered it to be an ideal size and tantamount to other current cushion sizes available.

Shrewd Fluff Filling

The fill might be 100% polyester, yet that is the place where the similitudes to other poly fiber fills closes. This is a licensed Interlocking 3 denier poly fiber arrangement of little ‘cushion’ balls that fit well together, move with each other, and permit incredible air entry to shield your pad from straightening out over the long haul and all around lightened.

From the surface, it is difficult to tell how unique the filling really is contrasted with a comparative item. Be that as it may, I needed to give it credit – this cushion had some genuine ‘skip back’ after weight was put on it or in the wake of collapsing. It didn’t should be cushioned back up at all after use and kept astounding forming. I can’t represent long haul wear, yet the underlying impression of the fill was great.

This is a delicate pad, even with the change (itemized underneath) that gives responsive head and neck uphold without reaching as far down as possible to the sleeping pad. The filling feels exceptionally steady generally regardless of the delicate quality and is certainly one a favor actually.

Lyocell Blend Cover

Lyocell is gotten from wood mash and is handled into a fiber that mixes well with both engineered and regular materials. It is viewed as breathable, normally hypoallergenic, and gives a delicate, smooth surface. 60% Lyocell and 40% nylon is woven together to make a strong, yet delicate cover that is both dampness wicking and warm controlling because of how well it permits air to go through the pad.

Double Comfort Zipper Design for Adjustability

The double solace zipper configuration is the thing that takes into consideration flexibility. These are sewn level into each long side of the pad, and sit flush with the cover. Simple to open, they can be utilized to help mellow the general impact of the pad and make a somewhat lower space for more modest bodies or certain rest positions.

You can open one, or both, and keep them shut to give a somewhat more firm surface. Actually, in spite of the fact that I thought the thought was a decent one, I saw next to no adjustment in generally feel. The slight change might be perceptible to a few, however I could put both pad next to each other with one unfastened, and the other shut, and not have the option to tell which was which.

This is another cushion for the organization, so I would expect they would have a few changes to make based off criticism. In view of my experience, I’m not entirely certain I would guarantee this pad as the one you can change as the primary selling point.

Internal Mesh Panels

At the point when unfastened, the cushion shows solid nylon network boards. This associate in both wind current and permit the filling to reallocate underweight. As referenced, this slight change is scarcely there, however the general plan is professional regarding quality and workmanship. The creases are twofold sewed, all around sewn, and tough, and the zippers are anything but difficult to open and close. Everything lays level regardless of what direction you choose to utilize it and doesn’t interfere with the general solace of the pad.

Solace Claims

As referenced over, this cushion is in fact ‘movable’ however I think it is too solid a word. Could comfort be adjusted somewhat for individual use? Indeed. Is it movable for side to stomach sleepers or changing body types? No, I would state there isn’t a sufficient contrast in help to make this case.

Essentially, what you can handle is rich to somewhat more milder generally speaking feel. Opening the zippers permits more space for the round to spread out in while shutting them packs them marginally. I discussed how this isn’t even perceptible by starting feel when gotten into a pillowcase. At the point when you lay upon it, particularly on your stomach, you can tell the slight distinction which might be sufficient for certain individuals to hang their cap on (particularly on the off chance that they are of more modest height).

Cushion Care

Launderable cushions are the bomb. Particularly on the off chance that they don’t separate and level (and you have youngsters or potentially pets). I love when a pad is considered machine launderable and dryable since I can throw it in the clothes washer to spruce it up rapidly. I felt free to test this out. I locate that numerous polyfills feel amassed up in the wake of washing and prior to drying and that multiple occasions it nevers genuinely cushions back up very just as it ought to. I am glad to state that this one washed very well, was not ‘clumpy’ feeling while wet and dried in a respectable time without losing any of its space or ‘skip back’ qualities I remarked on before.

100-Night Sleep Trial, 1 Year Warranty

Furthermore, to add to the arrangement the pad accompanies a 100-night rest preliminary and free delivery! You don’t care for it-send it back! This makes it a no-hazard buy. There additionally is a 1-year guarantee on workmanship and material. On the off chance that your cushion smoothes or comes disentangled, let them know. They will supplant it whenever considered a sensible guarantee inclusion (for example your canine didn’t bite it, it isn’t stained, and so on) as long as you enlisted the pad upon buy.

Buyer Reviews

This is an exceptionally new pad in the rest business, yet in spite of that, the organization sold out their underlying dispatch. It turned out to be famous rapidly and the audits encompassing beginning impressions clarify why. The milder take for help and solace was an inviting change against the Original Purple Pillow plan which zeroed in generally on the back and some stomach sleepers. Side sleepers, who contain the biggest level of rest positions, battled with appropriate help and structure. This cushion, with its foldable, huggable filling considers better change for a more extensive assortment of rest needs.

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