Tips When Doing an Office Renovation


Is it time for you to do an office renovation? Well, unlike home interiors, offices do not always seek for a makeover, as the design in which they are patterned is based on a different set of standards and style elements. While homes interiors seek to provide a mix of comfort, relaxation, and productivity for those living in them, office interiors meanwhile are structured to boost performance and efficiency on those who occupy them, i.e. employees and company owners.

But how should you deal with an office renovation job? If you are planning to do one sometime soon, or if you are currently having your office remodeled, then here are a few tips to use:

  1. Find a balance between productivity and style.

When working on a design for your office, there are basically two things to consider: productivity and style. In terms of productivity, you should determine what kind of setup is your staff most motivated to do work? Do they need separate cubicles, each with electrical outlets and their respective computer sets? Do they also need space to do collaborative work? Can they work well in a rather homey environment?

It is important that you are able to answer these questions properly and correctly, as these determine the kind of form and design to which you can have your office remodeled. Not considering these elements may only put your staff on awkward work situations which may affect their job performance later on.

  1. Invest on a separate room for meetings.

If you may notice, almost every office has at least one conference room. If you don’t have one yet, then it is a must that you include this on your office renovation job. This is because the conference room will serve as the area for meetings, discussions, and all other announcements that require the participation of most, if not all, of the office staff.

Having a separate room for meetings also provides privacy, as there are certain discussions that are not for the whole office team to know. And given the need to accommodate a larger amount of people in the room, you have to invest on certain furniture pieces and fixtures to make it functional as well.

  1. Consider the privacy of your colleagues.

Regardless if they have their assigned spaces or not, your employees need personal space to get their jobs done. So rather than setting workspace on one long table with several computers, why not segregate each spot by having cubicles set up? This way, your employees are able to work without immediate distractions, allowing them to focus on their tasks.

  1. Install appliances in strategic locations within the office.

Appliances, such as air conditioners, electric fans, lamps, and even office equipment should be placed in strategic locations so as they do not get in the way of walk ways and elbow rooms. You must also consider placing them in areas that have the necessary electrical connections, and make sure that they are at the least risk to electrical accidents.

  1. Make sure to get rid of noise pollution.

Lastly, office environments need to be conducive to work productivity, and this includes creating surroundings that are able to diminish noise. You may then want to add carpets and make your walls soundproof, so the noise from the different rooms will not be heard in other areas, as noise easily distracts people when they are in the middle of a task, especially when they are at work.


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